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Completed activities

The Citizen OBservatory Web was a 4 year project funded by the EU’s FP 7 Programme which came to an end in October 2017. There were 13 European partners involved, enabling citizens to collect environmental data using mobile devices. The data would then be suitable for use in research, decision making and policy formation.

COBWEB relies on citizen science and focused upon Biosphere Reserves, including the Dyfi Biosphere. Ecodyfi supported locals and organisations to monitor habitats and learn about the Biosphere as well as advising about the area and providing  access to local networks.

The Cymerau project aimed to engage communities in Borth, Tal-y-Bont and the surrounding area in discussions about water. A number of artists were commissioned; funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council to work with communities over a twelve-month period, September 2015 – August 2016. A digital 'water map'; Map Dŵr has been created, to reflect the many local stories that emerged through this process. Ecodyfi led the community engagement and played a role in communication and linking to other initiatives.

The Dyfi Footprint Project aimed to help residents of the Dyfi valley reduce their impact on the planet, and to estimate and monitor the collective Footprint of the community. 

It was a partnership  between ecodyfi and the Centre for Alternative Technology in the context of the UN Dyfi Biosphere process.

Tirwedd Dyfi

A  project that explored and celebrated links between Welsh language, culture, landscape and nature in the Dyfi Biosphere.

Events included an evening of competitive poetry, a project with local schools and a competition.

The project was funded by CCW and the CAE fund of the Snowdonia National Park Authority.

Mentro Allan

The Mentro Allan (Venture Out) programme was a five year Big Lottery funded project supported by a diverse network of local and national partners aimed to motivate a range of sedentary groups to become more active; ecodyfi put on a range of free activities in the Bro Dyfi area dealing with the theme of rural isolation.

Glyndwr's Way study

The project aimed to develop the potential of the Glyndŵr’s Way National Trail, by identifying and raising awareness of the diverse assets such as accommodation, shops, places to eat and heritage and leisure resources such as listed buildings, cycle and footpaths as well published walks.   

Ecodyfi managed the project with the Mid and North Powys Destination Network in order to help local businesses engage more fully with the walking tourism product and to expand that sector. 


Gwres was the first project that ecodyfi carried out in the name of the Dyfi Biosphere, having secured grant aid from the UK Government. We publicised an opportunity for householders to have a grant to install heating from renewable sources, as early adoptors of the Renewable Heat Incentive.

Legends of the Biosphere

The project was designed to promote reasons to visit the Dyfi Biosphere based around the unique cultural characteristics of the area, particularly legends, stories and characters, so as to take advantage of the Year of Legends in 2017. Ecodyfi contracted local artists to identify key stories and legends that reinforce sense of place and were brought to life through participative events. This was funded through the Visit Wales TPIF grant.

Mixed Farming - histories and futures project

The key objective of the LEADER funded ‘Mixed farming – histories and futures’ project is to illustrate that, historically, mixed farming - the growing of crops as well as the raising of livestock – was much more common in Wales than it is now. The aim is to help make the case for supporting sustainable mixed agriculture and a more resilient local food production economy. The project is based upon the recognition that small, family farms are the cornerstone of Wales’ past, current and future rural economy, culture and landscape.

For further information please contact: or 01654 703965

Sustainable Communities Wales

Sustainable Communities Wales (SCW) is a programme of free support and advice available to both rural and urban communities across Wales, to help improve the energy efficiency of the community buildings they run. SCW is funded by the Welsh Government's Rural Development Programme and delivered by a consortium of non-profit energy efficiency experts led by Severn Wye Agency.

Welsh Government Energy Service

Ynni Lleol is Welsh Government's renewable energy support service, providing financial and technical support across Wales to develop community renewable energy schemes. Ecodyfi is the contact point for Ceredigion, northern Powys and southern Gwynedd, on contract to the Energy Saving Trust.

Renew Wales

Renew Wales helps community groups tackle the causes and impacts of climate change through advice, training, mentoring and technical support from other experienced community practitioners. Ecodyfi is the contact point for north Ceredigion, northern Powys and southern Gwynedd, on contract to Development Trusts Association Wales.

Biosphere road signage

Welsh Government's Visit Wales has agreed to fund most of the cost of erecting bespoke highways signage at key entry points into the Dyfi Biosphere. Co-funders include the Dyfi Biosphere Tourism Association, Aberdovey Attractions and Advertising Committee and Powys County Council.

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