Working with others

Bro Ddyfi Community Land Trust

The Community Land Trust aims to provide affordable and sustainable housing, and other community benefits, for the people of Machynlleth and the Dyfi valley.

It has the power to acquire and hold land and property for the long term prosperity of the area (Bro Ddyfi).

It hopes enables local people to build a thriving and inclusive community through the democratic ownership and stewardship of land.

There are no current projects or assets. Currently the Trust is administered through ecodyfi.


Windfall collects a proportion of the revenue from energy generation in Mid Wales and redistributes it among local communities. This money is offered as grants for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects to communities, householders, farmers, schools and businesses across Mid Wales. The basic income is supplemented through match funding from UK and EU sources to maximise the financial capacity of the scheme. 


The Dyfi Biosphere is an area designated by UNESCO fulfilling conservation, education and development aims. Biosphere Reserves explore locally how sustainable livelihoods, vibrant cultures and robust economies can be based on healthy environments. 

The Dyfi Biosphere has no staff of its own, ecodyfi supports the Dyfi Biosphere Partnership in a secretariat role. We also provide the main contact point for the Biosphere. 

Dyfi Community Energy Fund

The aim of the Fund is to reduce carbon emissions in the Dyfi Valley, to combat climate change and improve resilience. 
The Fund is designed to benefit the Dyfi Valley area and originates from the profit from two community owned wind turbines near Machynlleth. 
Ecodyfi is involved with grant applications, marketing and also receives it's own funding to support community projects in the area such as Machynlleth Repair Cafe and Bee Friendly Machynlleth.

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