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Ecodyfi's sources of income


In a typical year, ecodyfi earns about half of its income through contacts, a small proportion from shares held in Bro Dyfi Community Renewables Ltd, and the rest from grants for projects. Some examples are below.
  • The Big Lottery Fund pays Development Trust Association Wales and its partners to support communities engaging with climate change, through Renew Wales. Ecodyfi does this in Mid Wales.

  • Natural Resources Wales grant aided several ecodyfi activities relating to the Dyfi Biosphere from April 2015 to March 2017.

  • The Arts and Humanities Research Council provided funds to Aberystwyth University (subsequently transferred to Bath Spa University), and they sub-contracted ecodyfi to support the community aspects of the Hydrocitizenship Cymerau project. 

  • Welsh Government funded the Energy Saving Trust to support communities developing renewable energy schemes. In turn, ecodyfi provided the Development Officer function in Mid Wales for this Local Energy / Ynni Lleol project.

COBWEB project in the Dyfi Biosphere
Legends of the Dyfi Biosphere