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Dyfodol Dyfi - Planning a Brighter Future

Bringing communities together along the Dyfi; to gather needs, share information, develop ideas; to build a brighter future.

We will discover what community means to us and we will celebrate what our communities do well.

Together we are exploring past and current development projects. We are asking you what you think is needed for you, your family, your friends, your community. We will gather your ideas into a Community Plan to support community action and funding applications



The Dyfodol Dyfi project is a project working to bring communities together along the Dyfi; to gather needs, share information, develop ideas; to build a brighter future.

The project’s initial focus was to support the community to prepare for UK Shared Prosperity Fund however it was also recognised the project could widen its scope to support communities for any future funding applications.


It aimed to create a Community Plan which could offer an ‘evidence of needs’ bank to be accessed and used by everyone alongside a document which could be of current and future use for any organisation seeking funding for a project in the area.


The project mapped the many surveys, feasibility studies and proposals from recent years to create a foundation on which to build a series of engagement activities which then offered fresh evidence from the summer’s conversations as part of Dyfodol Dyfi.


It chose to be creative in its engagement focusing on conversation, listening and a process of creative visioning with the community alongside more traditional online and paper surveys.


It included conversations with over 600 people including individuals, small businesses and sole traders, voluntary organisations, community councils, town council.


It’s most successful engagement activity was the opening of a pop up shop in the centre of town for 8 days inviting the community to share, respond and have conversations with facilitators working to creatively vision the future of the area. Alongside this was an ongoing process of one-to-one meetings, attendance at local events, social media posting working through and across multiple platforms and networks.


Though operating within a short time frame it achieved significant engagement across a diverse demographic and has been successful in co-creating a plan. It is important to consider this as a starting point on which to continue to develop and build a brighter future for the Dyfi valley. 

The full Community Development Plan is available here


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The following are Appendice linked to the Community Plan - they are the reports and previous surveys considered in the Community Plan, new surveys and engagement undertaken during the project and some additional information. 


Appendix 1: Rural Futures’ action-planning report ‘Bro Glantwymyn’;

Appendix 2: Trywydd Iach School Survey report dated July 2021


Appendix 3: Machynlleth Climate Action’s action planning July 2019


Appendix 4 The Dyfi Biosphere’s business and development process


Appendix 5 Tir Canol (previously Summit to Sea) ‘s co-designed project ‘Blueprint’


Appendix 6 The Old Stables Project

Appendix 7 Y Plas Entrance Development Survey


Appendix 8 Cwmllinau Survey


Appendix 9  Eglwys Sant Tudur Darowen Project Survey


Appendix 10 Bryn y Gog Graffiti Workshop Survey for Iueunctid Machynlleth Youth


Appendix 11 Tyfu Dyfi Report and Survey


Appendix 12 Town Regeneration Investment Plan Survey (TRIP) - waiting for the final report


Appendix 13 Town Regeneration Investment Plan (TRIP) for Machynlleth - report - waiting for final report


Appendix 14 Health Care Community Development Proposal from Patients Forum


Appendix 15 Mach Maethlon Allotment Survey


Appendix 16 Suggestions and comments made to Dyfodol Dyfi in the Pop Up Shop, compiled on the ‘Clusta’ platform


Appendix 17 Various evidence of needs including original images


Appendix 18 Join the Conversation Survey

What would make things better for you?

What would make things better for your family?

What would make things better for your friends?

What would make things better for your community?


Appendix 19 Membership of the Dyfodol Dyfi Group at November 2022



We intend to continue the joint working after the project ends, evolving the project group into a network that brings together local elected representatives across the planning area, community groups, and others. Funding targets for proposals in the plan will include the anticipated Shared Prosperity Fund, the National Lottery Community Fund and public sector bodies.

Ecodyfi is acting as the ‘responsible body’ for the evolving local network called ‘Dyfodol Dyfi’ during the project period of mid-May to 31st October 2022, so that the area can access a grant from the UK Government’s Community Renewal Fund through Powys County Council and the Powys Association of Voluntary Organisations.

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