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Current Projects

In 2017 Ecodyfi set up a Repair cafe in the local community for people to bring along their broken items such as laptops, phones and toasters to be repaired by volunteers. It is held regularly in Machynlleth.   
By promoting repairs we can reduce mountains of waste, save money and resources, and reduce CO2 emissions. 

Tyfu Dyfi

The Tyfu Dyfi Project is an European Grant funded project which will run until the 30th of June, 2023.  The partner organisations are: ecodyfi (lead), Aber Food Surplus, Mach Maethlon, Centre for Alternative Technology, Aberystwyth University, Penparcau Community Forum, Garden Organic.


Please click on the link here to find out more.

Trywydd Iach | Outdoor Health Project

Ecodyfi and Coed Lleol (Small Woods Wales) have teamed up to help our community get active outdoors in the Dyfi Biosphere. We run free outdoor activities for anyone who wants to boost their health and wellbeing, and we're working to improve access to the natural environment for everyone.

Dyfodol Dyfi

‘Dyfodol Dyfi Project' – The intention is to plan a brighter future’ for the Dyfi Valley bringing people and organisations together to co-create a community plan.

Download the Project summary here

Energy Local

Energy Local is a new way to enable local communities to work together to pool their locally owned generation and manage local demand to reduce bills and carbon emissions. Energy Local believes that communities should be able to benefit from moving their use of energy to cheaper times of day and matching it to local generation. The portal tells you about the Energy Local clubs that are operating or being set up. You can register your interest and keep up to date with developments. Ecodyfi is helping to start up just such a Club, serving the Eglwysfach/ Machynlleth/Pennal/Corris area.

Perennial Green Manures

Perennial green manures are fertilisers made from plant material grown in biodiverse areas of coppice woodland and perennial plantings. Much like the fertility-building clovers and vetches long-used by farmers, nitrogen fixing trees and shrubs such as alder trees and gorse bushes work with bacteria in the soil to convert nitrogen into a form useful to plants. The project begins in summer 2022. Ecodyfi will identify farmers and growers who want to use perennial green manures to fertilise their own crops, and design bespoke trials with them.

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