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Ecodyfi is a bilingual locally-controlled organisation based in Machynlleth. We were established in 1998 and have been fostering and supporting a greener economy and community ever since. Mostly we work in the Dyfi valley and the UNESCO Dyfi Biosphere area, but also in other parts of Mid Wales. Renewable energy, responsible tourism and community development are our three main areas of expertise. All profits are used to support our aims, as we have no shareholders.


COBWEB was a 4 year project which enabled citizens to collect environmental data using mobile devices. The data is suitable for use in research, decision making and policy formation. The project was located in the Dyfi Biosphere; ecodyfi supported locals and organisations to monitor habitats and learn about the Biosphere.

Information for locals, visitors and business on waste, funding, energy, what to do, travel and culture.


Read about ecodyfi's vision for sustainable regeneration, green economy and building a strong community.


Find out about the projects that ecodyfi and it's partners are currently working on.

Ecodyfi provides consultancy services with unique knowledge and access to local networks as well as the capacity to work bilingually.


Gweithredu Hinsawdd - Climate Action

Ecodyfi supports you to
improve your home energy-efficiency,
borrow a thermal camera,
hire an ebike,
and get involved in other local climate action.


Please click on the link here to find out more.

Ecodyfi Annual Forum and AGM 2023

 Held on the evening of 30th November 2023

The members discussed ecodyfi taking on a more prominent role in managing the Dyfi Biosphere as well as progressing to new leadership.

Meeting documents below

- Meeting Recording

- Agenda

- Ecodyfi Review

- Accounts 2022-3 - Draft


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