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​The Dyfi Valley is a thriving, healthy, caring, cohesive, bilingual and outward-looking community, widely recognised for living sustainably.

  • Our corporate vision is that ecodyfi is effective and financially robust, playing a key role in the way this vibrant community develops.

Ecodyfi is an independent social enterprise delivering sustainable community regeneration and promoting a growing green economy in the Dyfi Valley.

  • Ecodyfi is based and operates mainly in the Dyfi Valley, but pursues interests outside this area so long as they are compatible with our aims and do not disadvantage local residents;

Working in partnership and bringing people together - as in the Dyfi Biosphere - are important to how we work.


Ecodyfi has three interrelated and equally important aims. Most projects integrate aspects of more than one aim.

  • Environmental

Sustaining the natural environment and services, and influencing people’s values, attitudes and behaviours through education, inspiration and enablement;

  • Economic

Increasing the resilience and sustainability of the local economy by catalysing entrepreneurship and collaboration, so that important sectors such as local energy production, food and sustainable tourism are parts of a diverse economy;

  • Socio-cultural

Sustaining the cultural and social heritage and fabric of the Dyfi Valley, encouraging and enabling community well-being, now and for future generations.

Wind Farm Machynlleth
River Dyfi, Dyfi Biosphere
Cymerau Spring event
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